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NEW YEAR'S EVE 2016-17

At my daughter Jami and husband Mike's home...

 My husband Roger staying close to the treats!

Delicious finger foods and Sandwiches were on the Menu. Only soda and sparkling grape juice were our choices of libations. No Alcohol!
How many New Year's Eve Parties had a Cotton Candy Machine spinning out sweet treats?

I brought giant balloons for the kids to play with. They were the kind that have a rubber band handle to punch them back and forth.


We had so much fun playing games as a family. My favorite was the game that was like Pictionary where the person up draws pictures of words they are given by the game and the rest of the players have to guess what  you are drawing.

 The Boys were playing video games and Star Wars Light Saber Jousting.

 Then the girls were playing Just Dance

 Then they played the Syran Wrap Game that they saw played on Facebook.  Prizes are wrapped in a large package of Syran Wrap and dice are rolled as the package gets passed around to unwrap. When the person next to the person unwrapping the package rolls a double the package gets passed to them and the dice to the next person to their right. The prizes were candy and money.

Everyone had so much fun and we all ushered in the New Year 2017 Family Style!

 Our most gracious hosts Jami and Mike; my daughter and her wonderful husband!

Christmas 2016



Decorating for Thanksgiving Dinner

Easter 2015

                        HAPPY EASTER!

I spent this blessed day with my loving family. My granddaughters sang in the choir at their church. We then visited their Paternal Grandfather who is in a nursing home because of advanced Parkinson's disease. Afterward we had dinner at the lovely historic Bower's Hotel.


Praising GOD daily for the abundant blessings he has bestowed upon me through my loving family & friends, talents HE has given me,  and my beautiful new home and community!  The Glory for all of it goes to GOD. HE is my rock and HIS word is my foundation! Thank you Lord, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Amen!

Our First Easter At Our Lake Wynonah Home 2014

Thanksgiving 2013
All of my grandchildren and me
So much to be thankful for!


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Jardinami's 60th Birthday Celebration 2011

The Best Birthday Party ever! A very special thank you to my daughter Jamiann and her husband Michael for making it happen!  Also a very special thank you to my daughter Jen, and granddaughter Emily for their help, my sister Ruth Ann, cousin Paula, cousin Kathy, friends Erin, Cynthia, Heather, and Kathy for bringing their delicious contributions to the food, and helping in the preparation back in the kitchen!

With a grateful heart my 60th birthday bash was such a wonderful experience because of all of the great family and friends that showed up to make it so very special. Getting to see all six grandchildren having such a great time, and knowing that 7 year old Jacob just took over in the clean up duties, sweeping floors and taking out the trash.  I also have been so blessed to have family and friends who were not able to make it, but sent me cards, gifts, and sentimental wishes!

One of the greatest gifts of being able to have made it through life to celebrate such a landmark birthday is knowing that my life has been blessed by so many!  



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