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When others try to disrupt the joy in your life,  find a place to go where there is peace and joy. If you are able and have loved ones willing to help,  create your own space as we have done in our own backyard. Our water garden is still a work in progress. Thus far we have iris, bean bog, rush, floating hiacynth, fish, tadpoles/frogs, & snails. The stone has been delivered, but finishing the landscape around the pool had distracted my husband from being able to finish the water garden. It will be amazingly beautiful when done. It already brings joy and serenity!

This perennial garden is situated just below the north side of our deck a little south west of our water garden.

There is a space approximately 15'x15' that is level and sits snugly between the perennial garden, deck, water garden and a slight hill leading up toward the pool.We are having the cement block walkway that leads from the driveway to the front door replaced.

We then used those blocks to create a patio in the 15'x15' space which will include an outdoor fireplace and several vintage lawn chairs we acquired from my in-laws.

In just 15 months of toil and sweat from devoted family members we have truly transformed a home that needed tons of TLC into a lovely retreat in a beautiful mountain lake private community that we call home.



This is the water garden I created in 2000 at a former home.


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Summer is my favorite season.  I love the warmth of the sun, and being outdoors! I love nature, especially birds, hummingbirds are my favorite, and I also love fireflies!

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