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Abby's 13th and Jacob's 11th joint Birthday Party

Jami's 35th Birthday Party

Under reconstruction

Happy 8th Birthday Princess Maggie

Our Valentine's Day Tea Party 2015

Grandchildren loving their chocolate!

My wonderful new neighbors and I

We had a lovely tea party and luncheon

Roses, doves, and hearts decorate our stairway

Granddaughters baked a heart shaped cake and cookies

Granddaughter loving her chocolate strawberries

Kids love a chocolate fountain

Granddaughter baked linzer tarts with me last night

Valentine Party Decor

Our chocolate fountain

Scrumptious Chocolate fountain delites!

Valentine Decor

Oh for the love of mobile devices

A nice surprise gift from my neighbors/friends Kathy and Patty



Under reconstruction

Singing Happy Birthday To Maggie!

Maggie's Seventh Birthday Party At Our New Home In Lake Wynonah

Under reconstruction

Maggie's Birthday Celebration At The Fulton Steamboat Inn, and The Olive Garden Lancaster PA

Granddaughter Maggie's 6th Birthday Party

under reconstruction

Abigayle and Jacob's Joint Birthday Party 2012

under reconstruction

Maggie's 5th Birthday Party

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary
June 2018

My daughter Jami baked & decorated this lovely and scrumptious cake for our 25th Wedding Anniversary party.

The decorations were all put in place and decorating the hall went smoothly. 

The food all came together.

All who attended made our 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration so heartwarming and special! We will remember it always!

We are so very thankful for the generosity with the many gifts, however the presence of our friends and family were the greatest gifts of all!

My granddaughter recorded her cousin Emily singing Can't Help Falling In Love with Chuck Cahoe on guitar at our 25th Wedding Anniversary Party. There was no rehearsal for the wonderful performance nor the videography. I am so proud of them both! We are so blessed with all six grandchildren.

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